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September 20, 2019

The industry’s largest private manufacturing event, DISCOVER 2019, will offer visitors the opportunity to experience Mazak Corporation’s wide range of productivity-enhancing digital solutions, from powerful SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions to the latest in training and machine connectivity methodologies. The event, which takes place November 5-7 and 12-13 at the company’s North American Manufacturing Headquarters in Florence, Kentucky, will set the stage for the North American debut of several innovative new digital technologies that include Mixed Reality Training and the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC, as well as enhancements to the machine connectivity and cybersecurity capabilities of the Mazak SmartBox.

A key technology for bridging the skills gap and encouraging young people to pursue careers in manufacturing as well as an innovative method for expedited remote service, Mazak’s new Mixed Reality paradigm is a system that combines the key advantages of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Designed to reduce the risks associated with training new operators on highly sophisticated technology, Mixed Reality Training and new remote service modalities take virtual objects from VR and overlay them in the real world with an AR approach, enabling risk-free training and new possibilities for machine service and maintenance. Seen for the first time at DISCOVER 2019, this digital solution promises to revolutionize training, service and maintenance with powerful display technology.

Debuted at EMO 2019, Mazak’s new MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC will make its first appearance in North America at DISCOVER 2019. Featuring graphical user interface enhancements, an optional second monitor and operation panel enhancements to support other new SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions, including SMOOTH Ai Spindle, Solid MAZATROL and Ai Thermal Shield, The SmoothAi CNC will also incorporate new products like SMOOTH CAM Ai, MAZATROL TWINS and SMOOTH Project Manager. Built with automation in mind, the SmoothAi control also includes artificial-intelligence-driven machining functions, SMOOTH Robot Cell Controller and SMOOTH Robot Teaching Assist, which promise to make it easier than ever to integrate a wide range of digital technologies into part-production operations.

For those DISCOVER 2019 attendees ready to further optimize machine utilization, the Mazak SmartBox provides connectivity for machines and devices for monitoring and analytical capabilities along with a far greater level of cybersecurity. With several standard input ports and connection ports, SmartBox quickly and easily connects any standard off-the-shelf sensors to the system for machine-data gathering and condition monitoring. Through the creation of a virtual local area network (VLAN), the SmartBox can provide network isolation for several machine tools, along with other associated manufacturing equipment, depending on the application and cybersecurity needs.

A core component of the Mazak iSMART Factory™ concept, the SmartBox enables the complete digital integration of Mazak’s advanced manufacturing cells and systems to achieve free-flow data sharing in terms of process control and analytics. As a result, Mazak has increased utilization for monitored machines within its own manufacturing operations by double-digit percentages, a capacity windfall that has reduced operator overtime by 100 hours per month and brought 400 hours per month of previously outsourced work back in house.

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