June 30, 2020

Team Power Solutions from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has recently become a  new  member  of  our Solution Partner program. Authorized Solution Partners have been carefully selected as  part  of  an initiative to market Phoenix Contact's innovations and capabilities in the  field of  Industrial  Automation and Industry 4.0.

Team Power Solutions specializes in  power  and  controls  solutions  with  engineering  services  that  focus on improving safety, reliability, productivity and capital utilization in industrial applications. Team Power Solutions works to conceptualize, design and deliver electrical solutions with projects that have included electrical system designs, brownfield expansions, substations, generation, powerhouses, power sleds and e-buildings. Their team has extensive experience in electrical engineering, maintenance, commissioning, design, instrumentation, manufacturing, training and mechanical services.

"In partnership with Phoenix Contact, we will assess the client's operating and equipment needs to conceptualize, design, deliver and implement a plan that will exceed expectations" - Ben Gibb, Engineering & Manufacturing Manager.