June 22, 2020

JMP Solutions and Control Station are joining forces to provide process and control loop audit services for manufacturing environments in order to identify and optimize problematic and underperforming control loops. The partnership leverages the complementary skillsets of JMP’s expert process engineering and project management competency combined with Control Station’s proprietary process analytics platform which, will work in synergy to identify and correct PID loop related sources of inefficiency and sub-optimal performance.

“Manufacturers across the process industries see the potential for data to transform day-to-day operations and to improve production efficiency,” noted Bob Rice, Control Station’s Vice President, Engineering

“A challenge many face however, is how to capitalize on their new-found resource. Our collaboration with JMP bridges that gap by identifying opportunities and implementing an action plan through which tangible results can be realized.”

Digital technologies and fully integrated automation solutions are becoming increasingly common as manufacturing trends along the pathway of Industry 4.0 continue to evolve. The implementation of these cyber-physical automated systems introduces a huge degree of opportunity for increased operational efficiency and process optimization but if not applied correctly these systems can actually have a severely negative effect on overall process effectiveness. This is where JMP and Control Station utilize their PlantESP control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) platform to view a manufacturing facility as an ecosystem in which no single component acts in isolation, without having an impact on the other components in the plant. This level of interactivity between various loops and assets makes it very difficult to isolate specific negative influencers or “bad actors” which are adversely impacting the process as a whole. PlantESP is a class leading CLPM technology which excels at this task and has been successfully deployed, assessing the performance of thousands of PID loops at hundreds of production facilities across more than 25 countries globally.

“We’ve formalized a methodology that systematically audits a manufacturer’s regulatory control network and provides concrete guidance for achieving meaningful and quantifiable performance gains,” shared Laurens VanPagee, JMP Solution’s VP of Engineering.

“The combination of Control Station’s best-in-class CLPM technology and JMP’s extensive knowledge of process control and project management through collaborative execution, forms a uniquely impactful offering that will have our customers realizing incredible results.”

Through collaboration with Control Station, JMP will be expanding the scope of its already comprehensive engineering services portfolio and the capability to surgically pinpoint, prioritize and correct underperforming control loops will be a significant step towards even higher-level process optimization capabilities.