May 21, 2020

Rittal Systems Ltd. is pleased to welcome their latest Rittal Certified Systems Integrator, RidgeTech Automation Inc., that specializes in control systems integration, with the goal of delivering the highest quality, most trusted automation solutions in the industry.

RidgeTech has joined Rittal’s qualified group of Certified System Integrators who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and experience in specifying and configuring Rittal enclosure and climate control systems, with proficiency in EPLAN ProPanel Engineering software.


Leigh Spraggett, President, RidgeTech Automation Inc, said, “We are delighted to join Rittal’s Certified Systems Integrator program, and we look forward to working closely with the team at Rittal.  Qualifying for this program shows RidgeTech’s continued commitment to evolving our skillset and furthering our ability to service our clients’ needs.”

Tim Rourke, President, Rittal Systems Ltd., said, “We regard RidgeTech as a trusted and highly qualified partner, with the added advantage of their knowledge of EPLAN design engineering. We have supported RidgeTech in challenging projects, especially for the major clients in the Food & Beverage Industry, and this enhanced partnership will enable us to reach even higher levels of customer excellence in Central Canada.”

The RidgeTech team consists of a talented and dedicated group of engineers and technologists with a proven track record of experience in designing and implementing control system projects. They possess the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete jobs of all sizes and complexities. They work with their clients from the conceptual stages right through to designing and commissioning upgrades on legacy equipment.

RidgeTech offers appropriate products and services to enhance their customers’ competitive edge and increase their bottom line, across a wide variety of industries, such as Agri-Business, Food & Beverage, Energy & Utility, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Mining & Metals and more.

By working with Rittal and EPLAN , the RidgeTech project team are able to meet the required footprint and include the proposed panels in a 3D drawing, as a visual. The level of detail achieved with this powerful engineering software, assures the low environmental risk of the project, as well as the competency of the company. Once configured, the drawings can be sent directly to Rittal’s Perforex Automation Centre for modification and customization. This makes the entire process super-efficient, cost-effective and timely, saving valuable time and resources, and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of the end customer.

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